Picture of a temporary bulletin board

Helsinki to remind people to also act responsibly in outdoor areas during the epidemic

The City of Helsinki will start installing temporary bulletin boards in popular outdoor exercise areas this week. The bulletin boards will remind residents to keep a sufficient safe distance even when outdoors, maintain good hand hygiene and sneeze correctly.

The bulletins will also remind residents that gatherings of more than ten people are prohibited. Large outdoor areas may, of course, have several groups of people of fewer than ten people, but sufficient safe distances must be maintained both within and between the groups.

More than 1,000 bulletin boards will be installed at sites where people usually meet for various activities and that exceptionally large numbers of people are visiting during these exceptional times. These sites include playgrounds, play areas, skate parks, exercise areas, bird watching towers and dog parks. The installation of the boards will start this week and continue next week.

Toys and movable equipment have been removed from playgrounds for the time being. The safety of the toys will be ensured and the toys will be cleaned, when necessary, before they are taken back into use.  According to current information, there is no need to perform extraordinary cleaning of playground equipment. The City complies with instructions issued by healthcare authorities.