Havainnekuva Kruunuvuorenselän ylittävästä sillasta. Kuva: WSP, Knight Architects

Decision made on the execution of the Crown Bridges project

The management team of the Crown Bridges project decided on 3 October 2017 that the project shall be executed as a combination of two contract types.

The pre-construction of Kruununvuorensilta, Finkensilta and the Korkeasaari area is to be carried out under one overall contract. The street and shore structures, tramline system and other parts of the project are to be carried out using the alliance model.

The Nihti–Kruunuvuorenranta area is at the moment in the construction planning stage. The current plan is for the competitive tendering of the overall contract to start in 2019. The exact time is determined, among other things, by the processing of the water permit.

According to a preliminary estimate, the competitive tendering of the alliance will start in 2019–2020. The schedule will be specified once the extent and possible phasing of the alliance are determined during more specific project planning and outlining. Other projects being executed at the same time may be attached to the alliance.