Construction of the Ilmala tram line begins

Tram route 9 will continue to Ilmalantori square, which will be completed near Ilmala station in two years’ time. Construction of the Ilmala tram line will start with preparatory work in the week starting 20 July. Street construction will affect traffic to Pasilankatu, on Radiokatu and in Ilmala for two years. The Ilmala tram line construction site is a low-emission worksite that utilises renewable diesel and electricity to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The Ilmala tram worksite will impact access on Radiokatu and Pasilankatu for a couple of years. Image: City of Helsinki

Street construction will start on Pasilankatu and Radiokatu in the week starting 20 July, which will impact traffic arrangements. Tree cutting in the steep hill on the site of the future Ilmalantori square near Ilmala station will start in the same week. Trees will also need to be cut down later along Pasilankatu between Kyllikinportti and Radiokatu and along Radiokatu. Trees and other greenery will be replaced after the street construction is finished.

The construction work will cause plenty of exceptional arrangements for all modes of transport.

In the future, changing traffic arrangements will be communicated on the project website and the Uusipasila Facebook page.

Work is primarily carried out on weekdays between 7 am and 6 pm. In exceptional situations work may also be performed in the evenings and at weekends. The construction project will last for approximately two years, until summer 2022.

Low-emission worksite

One of the objectives of the Carbon-neutral Helsinki programme of the City of Helsinki is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at worksites. The Ilmala tram line construction site only utilises renewable diesel and electricity to significantly reduce emissions. Thanks to the strict requirements in machinery emission standards, local emissions affecting air quality will also be reduced.

The City and the contractor will work together to develop energy consumption monitoring and emissions reporting practices on the Ilmala construction site.

Residents will benefit from low-emission worksites thanks to reduced air pollution.

More resources for street construction communications

The City of Helsinki is currently implementing a street construction development project, which also includes improvements to street construction communications. The City has emphasised the role of communications further in the Ilmala tram line project and enlisted the help of contractor communications in addition to City communications.

For example, the aim is to always communicate about changing traffic arrangements in advance. The regional schedule of the worksite, working hours and any night-time work will be communicated as soon as they are confirmed. Notices concerning any night-time work and short power cuts or disruptions in water supply will continue to be posted on the doors and notice boards of buildings for the residents as before.

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