Temporary changes to Building Control Services

Building Control Services have increased their offering of remote services due to the coronavirus situation. The goal is to ensure smooth service and construction processes as well as possible. We ask our customers to read the following instructions as the changes to the services may affect meetings, inspections and neighbour hearings agreed on and to be agreed on.

If you may have contracted the coronavirus or if you have any symptoms of a cold or flu, please postpone all meetings with Building Control Services, or arrange them as remote meetings.

Preliminary negotiations, introductions of special plans and large meetings held remotely

The preliminary negotiations for building control will be held remotely. The meetings will be held via Teams, Skype, phone or email. Please book your preliminary negotiation appointment normally via the licence secretaries. The secretaries will request the participants’ email addresses to send the remote meeting links. Please state your preferrfed meeting app/software (Teams or Skype) at the same time. The permit processor will send out the meeting invitation with a link to the app/software agreed on.

The introductions of special plans will also be held remotely. The plans and reviews are to be delivered to Lupapiste. Please email the area’s inspection engineer to agree on a shared discussion.

All large meetings will also be held remotely. They will be agreed upon separately.

Please hear your neighbours by yourself, if necessary

To accelerate the processing of a permit application, the applicant should hear the neighbours concerned by themselves and send the forms signed by the neighbours to Lupapiste. You can find the neighbours to be heard on the Lausunnot (statements) tab on Lupapiste. If the neighbour to be heard is the City Of Helsinki, Building Control Services will hear the City.

Alternatively, you can send the email addresses of the neighbours to Building Control Services for Building Control Services to hear the neighbours electronically.

Since it is not necessary to hear neighbours in all permit matters, please verify the need for hearing through the Lupapiste chat or directly through the processor by phone or email.

Neighbours’ notifications and appeals regarding office holders’ decisions can be emailed to the processor or to rakennusvalvonta@hel.fi.

Currently, our office holders are making decisions about matters such as building permits on Tuesdays.

Changes to inspection processes – remote meetings preferred

Only inspections that are absolutely necessary will be held, such as initial meetings and final inspections in which the building or space is approved for use.

Inspections will be primarily held as remote inspections without vising the site. The materials, such as document summaries and photos, saved in Lupapiste will be used to support the inspections.

For now, initial meetings will not be held in the premises of Building Control Services. We will attempt to postpone final inspections so that we can visit the site.

The participants in the inspections must be limited to persons who are absolutely necessary.

Guidance requests on Lupapiste

If you need Building Control Services’ guidance on matter related to permits, for example, please read the instructions for electronic service requests first. The service requests are submitted on www.lupapiste.fi. You may also read the instructions of Building Control Services.

Customer and information services of the Building Control Services archives

Building drawings may be purchased and viewed at the Arska service and, in Finnish, at the Lupapiste shop.

Please check the availability of the service before visiting the service point of the archives. The archives’ phone services are available Mon–Thu 9:00–13:00 +358 (0) 9 310 26301. You may call the phone services in urgent matters. You may send non-urgent enquiries to arkisto@hel.fi.

The temporary service arrangements will be used until further notice. We will announce any changes to the services on the City’s website and on the newsletter of Building Control Services.

Further information:

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