Proposal: The Wood City

Awards of the city boulevards visualization competition have been decided

The City of Helsinki organized a visualization competition of the city boulevards for students between 24.9.–19.11.2018. The results of the competition were decided in December 2018. The actual planning of the city boulevards is on its way. The competition objective was to collect interpretations of the future city boulevards through university collaboration, as the character of the existing motorway-like areas are transformed into city boulevards.

In total, 25 entries were submitted to the competition. The competition received a good repertory of ideas concerning the cityscape of the new urban areas along the city boulevards. The proposals will facilitate the discussion of the elements, which are needed for achieving attractive and human scale streetscapes allowing encounters and experiences in the everyday life. 

The competition jury decided to grant the awards to the following proposals:

Shared first prizes (à EUR 3 500)
The Wood City
Boulevard of Light
Helsinki Streams

Shared second prizes (à EUR 2 000)
Let's walk with green

Third prize (à EUR 1 500)
The Living Street

Special prizes (à EUR 1 000)

The competition jury wants to thank all participants for the thought-provoking proposals, and inspiring ideas to the challenging task.

The awarded entries are published online at: