A rendering of the completed bicycle boulevard. Photo: Ramboll

A bicycle boulevard under construction in Kulosaari

A bicycle boulevard has been under construction in Kulosaari since July. The boulevard of Kulosaaren puistotie is being converted into a shared in-roadway bikeway that allows motor vehicle traffic, so bicycles and motor vehicles use the same roadway. Motor vehicles adjust their speeds according to bicycling. 

The boulevard conversion will be completed at the end of February 2021, according to the preliminary timetable. 

The new bicycle boulevard in Kulosaari will constitute a part of the Itäbaana express bike route, which is the main bike route from the east to the city centre. The Kulosaari boulevard conversion will make the roadway easier to grasp and safer for all users, as motor vehicle speeds will be moderate and cyclists no longer need to cross the roadway. Pedestrian safety will also improve compared with the current traffic arrangements, as cyclists will be moving on the roadway. 

Boulevard conversion now under way 

Road reconstruction started on 27 July with traffic rearrangements. The work is conducted in two shifts from 6:00–22:00 on seven days a week. Excavation work is carried out on weekdays between 7:00 and 22:00 excluding holidays. 

Construction site affects movement 

The boulevard of Kulosaaren puistotie remains in use for all transport modes during road construction. 

Passage to the Metro remains open as normal. Although work is conducted in underpasses, they remain in use. Street parking is not allowed on Kulosaaren puistotie during construction. Access to properties is ensured throughout the construction period. 


Pedestrian traffic is conducted through the northern sidewalk of Kulosaaren puistotie. 


Two-way bicycling is allowed, although only one-way motor vehicle traffic is allowed on Kulosaaren puistotie during construction. 

Motor vehicle traffic 

Kulosaaren puistotie is converted into a one-way roadway, allowing motor vehicle traffic from the east to the city centre. 

Motor vehicle traffic to the east is rerouted to Kulosaarentie–Ståhlbergintie–Svinhufvudintie–Tupasaarentie, a route south of Itäväylä. 

See the new routes on the map: 

Reroutes in Kulosaari from 29 July, a map of 21 July

The Finnish text on the map from top to bottom:

Reroutes in Kulosaari from 29 July, a map of 21 July

Kulosaaren puistotie is a one-way boulevard during construction.

Pedestrian traffic is conducted through the northern sidewalk.

Two-way bicycling allowed

Motor vehicle reroute to the east

Bicycling and pedestrian passages in the (1) Ukko Pekan porras and (2) Adjutantinpolku underpasses remain in use throughout construction. 

Open a larger version of the map here. 

An emission-free worksite 

The Kulosaaren puistotie boulevard project seeks to ensure an emission-free worksite, employing such construction equipment that meets high environmental standards. The worksite employs four electric vehicles, and the other heavy-duty vehicles use only renewable fuels.   

After the completion of roadwork, the boulevard will again allow two-way motor vehicle traffic. Motor vehicles will adjust their speeds according to bicycling on the new bicycle boulevard. 

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