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Voting for participatory budgeting proposals to take place 1–31 October

The OmaStadi ideas are ready for voting. In October, it is the Helsinkians’ turn to select those proposals that the City should implement.

The voting will take place using the service, where you are required to provide digital authentication by means of mobile ID or banking codes. 

All residents of Helsinki who this year have turned 12 or more may vote for the plans. The voters may vote both for plans concerning their own neighbourhoods and for plans covering the entire city. You may also vote at municipal service points, such as libraries and resident houses, provided that you show your ID card.

You may have a look at the proposals before making up your mind about the plans here.

For the first time, young Helsinkians will be entitled to vote for proposals concerning the allocation of 4.4 million euros. In addition, they are entitled to vote for the Ruuti budget. Both ballots will take place by means of the service. 

Voting is possible also without banking codes. At certain municipal service points, you will be allowed to vote as long as you are able to present your ID card. Go to to check the voting hours and locations. Moreover, you may turn to the borough liaisons for further details. 

“We want the Helsinkians to be able to influence the operations of the City genuinely and as directly as possible. Participatory budgeting is a historical step towards making Helsinki more engaging, open and functional. In this field, we are among the pioneers internationally as well”, says Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

Watch the mayor’s video

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Watch the mayor’s video