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Two weeks left for participatory budgeting plans

Participatory budgeting plans can still be refined for two weeks in the OmaStadi service. Deadline for the plans is 8 April.

Helsinkians have made almost 1,300 proposals in the service. The objective is to develop the proposals into optimal plans together with citizens. At present, realisable plans based on the proposals are in the making. By refining the plans, it is guaranteed that they can be put up for voting in the autumn.

In February, local workshops were arranged, where all major districts and one common workshop covering the whole city concentrated on refining the local proposals together with experts. At this point, many original proposals were merged with others, resulting in more advanced proposals with better chances to proceed towards voting. The borough liaisons have arranged a number of planning clinics that have offered help and information on developing the plans.

Until December last year proposals for improving resident comfort could be submitted in the OmaStadi service. Popular themes were community centres, cultural projects, sports facilities and environmental matters. With the help of participatory budgeting, the citizens can really make Helsinki a more functional and stress-free city.

The local voice will be heard in OmaStadi

Every year Helsinki allocates € 4.4 million of its budget, and the citizens can participate in deciding how this money will be spent. The major districts of Helsinki have their own budgets, and the plans can be realised according to them. The funds have been distributed in relation to the populations of the major districts.

In this first period, most proposals and plans have concerned the whole city. Thus, many proposals do no relate to a single area, but are aimed at something good in common for all Helsinkians. A fifth of the sum, 880 000 euros, is reserved for common projects of entire Helsinki.

Over the summer months, experts of the City of Helsinki will complete the plans at hand, in order to have them ready for voting in the autumn. After the voting, the most successful plans will be realised by the City of Helsinki during 2020.

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