LuxHelsinki Photo: Lauri Rotko

Tool to measure event sustainability

Four students of Aalto University have completed a research and development project aimed at strengthening the ecological sustainability of the Lux Helsinki festival of light, which is organized in Helsinki annually in early January. On assignment from the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Marketing, the students developed a set of measurements, a measuring tool and a collaboration platform, which ease the evaluation of the sustainability of events from multiple angles.

The students – Julia Renko (Aalto School of Business), Kelly Purcell (Aalto School of Engineering), Hsiao-Pei Liao and Angela Hernandez (Aalto School of Arts and Design) – interviewed both internal and external stakeholder groups of Helsinki for their project. They also compared the sustainability standards of Lux Helsinki with those of other European festivals of light.

After initial field work, the students familiarized themselves with measuring systems often used in the monitoring and evaluations of sustainability. First, they used the information to develop a measuring system customized for festivals of light. Next, they used the measuring system to develop a prototype digital tool to ease collaboration among events.

In addition, the student team developed a collaboration platform that all stakeholder groups can utilize to work together effectively towards the goal of making Lux Helsinki Europe’s most ecologically sustainable festival of light. The collaboration platform is integrated with the measuring system so that the measuring system can be used to recognize the segments of an event that need to be improved. Furthermore, the collaboration platform provides a roadmap for solving these problems and makes it possible to develop new, clean and smart solutions for festivals of light.

“In terms of further development, it’s advisable to look for suitable partners, such as [the Helsinki energy company] Helen and Helsinki Region Transport, as well as other possible providers of new solutions. I look forward to seeing the measuring tool and the collaboration platform in use and benefitting all future event productions,” says Päivi Piispa, Senior Business Development Advisor for the City of Helsinki. 

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