The winning proposal, called Scapes, consists of pentagonally shaped blocks of varying height. Photo: Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Ltd

The tram depot and housing units in Yliskylä, Laajasalo form a whole

A depot for the tramline Crown Bridges is planned to be built in Laajasalo. Housing units will also be built in connection to the depot. The winning entry in the architecture contest for this so-called hybrid depot was made by Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Ltd. The winning proposal, called Scapes, consists of pentagonally shaped blocks of varying height. The building process will be commenced in the beginning of the 2020s.

The tram depot and housing blocks will be built along Reposalmentie, near the services in the centre of Laajasalo, such as the new shopping centre planned to open in autumn 2018.

The winning entry places the tram depot and the parking for the housing units under a deck. The edges of the blocks are framed with row houses built of dark brick. Every block has a higher tower-like multistorey apartment house with light plastered façades and glass walls. The sizes of the housing units vary from spacious studios to four-room apartments of more than 80 square metres. Life-cycle housing is also suggested.

"The tram depot will be placed under a deck so that only the entrances and exits can be seen. Similar depots have been built in Europe earlier on. The object is planned by specialists to ensure that the result will be functional and of high quality," says Project Manager Leena Mätäsniemi from HKL.

The building of the entries in the high-grade contest will begin in 2023

The contest entries were evaluated, among other things, according to how the solution takes the cityscape and architecture into account as well as how viable, cost effective and functional it is in traffic.

"The City is pleased with the high level of the competition. Scapes is a high-quality proposal worth developing more closely in the depot planning and detailed planning process. The City will later look for partners for the building process of the housing units. The aim is for the building process to begin in 2023 at its latest," says Pirjo Sirén, Chairperson of the jury and Project Manager at the Helsinki City Executive Office.

"The proposal has a strong idea concerning the cityscape, which, in a nice way, is based on buildings of different sizes and garden spaces between them. A strong idea can withstand the specifications during the further planning without suffering damage," says Anu Kuutti, Team Manager at the Helsinki City Urban Environment Division.  

During the next few years, new housing units for about 6 000 new residents will be built in Laajasalo. The detailed planning of the housing units along the tramline is being done right now. The tram depot will be carried out according to the schedule planned for the tramline Crown Bridges. The tramline will take passengers from the centre via Kruunuvuorenranta to Laajasalo in 2026.

The planning competition for the hybrid block in Laajasalo was organised by the City of Helsinki and the Helsinki City Transport municipal enterprise HKL. Three domestic bureaus as well as one foreign bureau with a Finnish partner bureau were invited to enter the competition.

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