The Statistical Yearbook of Helsinki 2018 now published

Helsinki City’s statistical yearbook has appeared, now for the 106th time. The yearbook contains statistics on Helsinki and its residents and on the neighbouring cities, the entire Helsinki Region, Finland, the major city regions of the rest of Scandinavia, the Baltic states and their capitals, and on St. Petersburg.

The new yearbook can be read, in its entirety, via this link. The 255 tables of the yearbook can also be picked from the open-data site Helsinki Region Infoshare. Digitalised versions of the 1905-2008 editions are available on the Sinetti archives database (only in Finnish).

The yearbook presents, among others, the following data on Helsinki and its residents:

• Helsinki’s population at year-end 2017/18 was 643,272, thus 8,091 (1.3%) larger than a year earlier.

• At the end of 2017, there were 361,866 dwellings in Helsinki, which was 4,891 more than a year earlier. Of dwellings, 46.9 per cent were rented dwellings, 41.6 per cent owner-occupied dwellings.

• At year-end 2017, there were a total of 327,869 registered motor vehicles in Helsinki, of which 264,903 were cars. Since 2000, the number of cars has grown by over 78,000.

• In 2017, Helsinki-Vantaa airport recorded a total of 89,459 landings. Passengers totalled almost 19 million, and every six minutes, on average, a plane landed at Helsinki-Vantaa.

• In 2017, a total of 14.1 loans per capita were made at Helsinki City Library’s outlets. Of loans, 79.5 per cent were books, and of all books borrowed, almost 40 per cent were children’s books.

• At year-end 2017, the City of Helsinki had a total of 37,090 employees. The largest administrative sector was the Social Services and Health Care Division, with 14,699 employees altogether.

• The most popular tourist attraction in Helsinki in 2017 was Linnanmäki Amusement Park, with a total of 1.1 million visitors. The most popular attractions also included the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, the Temppeliaukio Church, the Helsinki Cathedral, the Uspenski Cathedral and Helsinki Zoo.


Ari Jaakola, Statistics and Information Service Manager, +358 9 310 43608, ari.jaakola(at)
Solja Saarto, Information Services Secretary, +358 9 310 36378, solja.saarto(at)


Statistical Yearbook of Helsinki 2018, pdf-publication.