A man explains about OmaStadi and gives advice on how to vote on the OmaStadi website.

The OmaStadi voting period ends on Thursday 28 October at 20:00

The residents of Helsinki will vote on the OmaStadi website and at OmaStadi polling stations. On Wednesday 27 October at 16:00–19:00, for example Helsinki Central Library Oodi will host a voting event in connection with the OmaStadi exhibition.

On Wednesday 27 October, borough liaisons Kirsti Kallansalo and Jarkko Laaksonen will be present at the Central Library Oodi. The borough liaisons will be there to help people vote in the Oodi entrance hall from 16:00–19:00. There will also be young people from multicultural backgrounds who will provide support in voting if needed.

You can follow the development of the voting situation on the OmaStadi website, which is updated every 15 minutes.

The more diverse proposals are comprehensively reflected in the OmaStadi voting.
- To date, OmaStadi has received more than 20,000 votes. Currently, the most popular proposals concern exercise, the natural environment and cleanliness, says Kirsi Verkka, Development Manager at OmaStadi.

Voting 2021

The number of votes will determine which proposals are adopted

Support for voting is available at various service points of the City of Helsinki and events around Helsinki. If voters do not have the necessary online bank credentials for voting, or if voting is otherwise difficult, they can vote at a supported voting location by showing their ID (ID card/passport, for young people a Kela card). In addition, you can also get information and guidance from all libraries, community centres and service centres of Helsinki.

OmaStadi is the City of Helsinki’s way of providing participatory budgeting services. Helsinki has allocated EUR 8.8 million to realising residents’ wishes. The ideas are developed together into proposals that Helsinki residents can vote on. The proposals with the most votes will be realised by the City.

Participation is an important part of the City of Helsinki’s operations. Helsinki invites its residents and partners to participate in developing the city, its services and its areas. Helsinki is a place of communality, influential actions and encounters.

If you encounter any problems with voting on OmaStadi, you can also call the digital support services on 09 310 10011 (Mon–Fri at 8:00–11:00 during the voting period, from 6 through 28 October 2021).

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Image: Kimmo Brandt, City of Helsinki Media Bank.