Suvilahti Summer.

The new Suvilahti Summer series of events brings domestic artists and films to Suvilahti

On June 11th, the Suvilahti Energy Field will be filled with daily concerts and films throughout the first weeks of June. The events will continue daily until June 30th.  Ticket sales start on Friday, June 5th at Ticketmaster. 

The Suvilahti Summer series of events, located in the urban environment of Suvilahti, Helsinki, will be held for the first time this summer. The series kicks off with award-winning Finnish artist Evelina´s concert on June 11th. After the opening night, a diverse range of events from Midsummer festivities to brunch concerts, and from karaoke to movie screenings will take place. The movie screenings include a special preview screening of humoristic coming-of-age story ’Goodbye Soviet Union’.

The main focus of the program, however, are the awaited live gigs of top Finnish performers. After a stream-filled spring, popular Finnish artists such as Anssi Kela, Olavi Uusivirta Duo, Maustetytöt, Jesse Markin, Ursus Factory, Dallapé and Martti Servo & Napander will take the stage in addition to Evelina. The list of performers and other events will be updated during the month of June. 

The events will be carried out in accordance with current official safety guidelines. The area will have table and chair sets for groups of 2-6 people. The parties will be placed apart observing distancing rules.

“It is great to be back with events in such a unique way, after a short break. This event series is a good example of how a crisis can lead to innovation. We believe that these upcoming summer moments in Helsinki´s finest setting will create memories that last. The artists and we at Live Nation are very excited, and we believe that the audience will join us in this excitement.” says Tomi Saarinen, Live Nation Finland´s Managing Director.

”The Suvilahti Summer series of events supports the City of Helsinki´s desire to develop the Suvilahti area as a diverse venue. We hope that these events will bring joy to the citizens of Helsinki and the visitors, and we are involved in promoting experiences that are produced safely and responsibly”, says City of Helsinki´s Chief Communications Officer Liisa Kivelä.

Suvilahti Summer is created and produced by Suvilahti TBA, which runs the event center and restaurant at the Suvilahti Cultural Center, and Live Nation Finland, in cooperation with the City of Helsinki.


Suvilahti Summer 2020

Suvilahti, Helsinki

June 11- June 30th, 2020

Suvilahti Summer