The new mayor and the deputy mayors of Helsinki

The new Helsinki City Council met for the first time - presiding officers, mayors and other elected officials start their work

The new City Council started its four-year period on 2 August 2021. The Helsinki City Council has 85 permanent members elected in the local elections. The composition of the City Council is the following:

  • National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) 23 councillors
  • Greens (Vihreät) 18 councillors
  • Social Democratic Party (Sosiaalidemokraatit) 13 councillors
  • Left Alliance (Vasemmistoliitto) 11 councillors
  • Finns Party (Perussuomalaiset) 9 councillors
  • Swedish People's Party (Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue) 5 councillors
  • Movement Now (Liike Nyt) 3 councillors
  • Centre Party (Keskusta) 2 councillors
  • Christian Democrats (Kristillisdemokraatit) 1 councillor.

The composition of the new City Council can be found on the website.

The City Council confirmed Juhana Vartiainen (National Coalition Party) as the new Mayor of Helsinki. The Deputy Mayors are Anni Sinnemäki (Green League) and Nasima Razmyar (Social Democratic Party), who continue from the previous period, as well as new faces Paavo Arhinmäki (Left Alliance) and Daniel Sazonov (National Coalition Party).

The City Council chose Fatim Diarra (Green League) as its chairperson, Wille Rydman (National Coalition Party) as its vice chair and Pilvi Torsti (Social Democratic Party) as its second vice chair.

The new mayors and the new chairpersons of the city council got flowers during the first meeting.

Council also chose the City Board and other elected bodies

At its meeting, the City Council also confirmed the composition of the new City Board and the members of the economic development sub-committee and the city group division. The chairperson of the City Board and its sub-committees is Mayor Juhana Vartiainen.

The City Council also chose the members of the division committees and the other committees and boards. They can be found in the appendices to the agenda.

City Council meeting times in autumn 2021

The City Council meets as follows during the autumn period:

  • 2 August at 18.00
  • 25 August at 18.00
  • 8 September at 18.00 (question time)
  • 22 September at 18.00
  • 6 October (council initiatives)
  • 20 October at 18.00 (question time)
  • 3 November at 18.00
  • 10 November at 16.00 (budget)
  • 24 October at 18.00 (budget, council initiatives)
  • 8 December at 16.00

Photos: Pertti Nisonen, Marjo Karttunen