Pukinmäki: Photo: Outi Rissanen.

The Mayor's resident evening in Pukinmäki on Thursday

Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori's resident evening is arranged at Pukinmäenkaaren peruskoulu on Thursday 24 January.

During the evening that starts at 07:00 PM, the residents can ask the City of Helsinki's Executive Directors and the Mayor questions concerning Pukinmäki. The event ends at 08:30 PM.

By showing up earlier at 05:30 PM at the Pop Up event market, the visitors can exchange thoughts with the experts in charge of the drafting and realisation of local policies.

The event is arranged by the Helsinki City Executive Office together with the Pukinmäki-Seura association.

You can send thoughts and questions to the organisers in advance here. The advance questions will be considered in the preparation of the resident evening.

The resident evening will be broadcast live and made available later as a recording on the Helsinki channel.

At the resident evening, there is a childcare service for children over 3 years of age, arranged in co-operation between the Pienperheyhdistys ry association and the Maahanmuuttajanuorten Helsinki project.

The school address is Kenttäkuja 12.


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