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City of Helsinki communicates about the coronavirus in multiple languages

The City of Helsinki is investing in accessible coronavirus communications. All of the City’s instructions and guidelines in relation to the coronavirus are available on the City website in Finnish, Swedish and English. The communications also account for the largest language minorities: bulletins and announcements are translated into Arabic, Somali and Russian, and instructions are provided in almost 20 languages. Social and health care services, schools and early education providers have released customer communications in multiple languages since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

The City’s website features a separate coronavirus section, which contains a collection of topical information, recommendations, advice and instructions in Finnish, Swedish and English. The pages also include a summary of the relevant instructions and guidelines in nearly 20 languages. The City’s multilingual coronavirus pages have been provided in Arabic, Somali and Russian.

On Facebook, up-to-date information is provided by the City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division’s page and the New in Helsinki page, which publishes multilingual communications about matters important to Helsinki residents.

Coronavirus instructions are also available in video form

The City has also produced instructional videos that answer frequently asked questions about the coronavirus. The videos provide information about support services available during the pandemic, testing, quarantine practices and what to do if you suspect a coronavirus infection. Videos have been released in English, Arabic, Somali and Russian on Helsinki-kanava and YouTube. 

Alongside the City of Helsinki, many other bodies communicate about the coronavirus in multiple languages. For example, InfoFinland provides national-level information about the coronavirus situation in 12 languages. The site also features instructions related to residence permits during the coronavirus emergency. 

Information about the coronavirus on the City of Helsinki website and the InfoFinland pages:

Information about the coronavirus on other websites:

Information about the coronavirus emergency in multiple languages is also available on the websites of the Finnish Institute for Welfare and Health (THL), Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM), and the Yleisradio broadcasting company (Yle):

Photo: Paavo Jantunen