The City of Helsinki handed out research grants for urban research

The City of Helsinki handed out research grants worth 73 000 euros for ten projects in urban research on Friday 8 June 2018.

The grants were handed out at the summer seminar for urban research, organised by the City. The discussion focused on the cooperation between the City and the institutes of higher education as well as the significance of urban research as support for decision-making. The operations of the newly founded urban research institute and the new scientific developments were on the agenda.

The new urban research institute strengthens the interaction between universities and cities

Finland's first multidisciplinary unit for urban studies has started its operations at the University of Helsinki. The unit studies phenomena relating to cities as well as processes from the perspective of different branches of science. It also strengthens the multidisciplinary co-operation in research projects and in teaching.

The City of Helsinki as well as Espoo and Vantaa have funded the institute's operations with about 3 million euros. The funding agreed on for the period of 2018–2023 will be directed at research that supports the development of the Helsinki metropolitan area. The goal is to strengthen the interaction between the universities and the Cities, support the high quality of urban research as well as add research data about developing cities. The City of Helsinki already has decades of experience of doing its own urban research. The City has also done high-quality urban research in co-operation with higher education for years. The forms of the new co-operation strengthens this further.

"We will also need high-quality research-based information in the future so that we are able to solve the challenges of urbanisation and big cities as well as take advantage of opportunities. Founding the urban research institute is an important step in gathering data and research concerning cities. The funding of the institute as well as the research grants handed out today, already for the 30th time, is an expression of how highly the City of Helsinki regards researchers. The funding also expresses the persevering, tight and successful partnership between the City and the institutes of higher education in the Helsinki metropolitan area," Mayor Jan Vapaavuori stated in his speech at the summer seminar.

The significance of the research subject for the City of Helsinki one of the grant criteria

The City grants are meant for researchers with a master's degree, especially those working on their licentiates or doctoral theses. The grants are also used to support postdoctoral researchers.

The scientific quality of the research plan, the feasibility and the significance of the research subject for the City of Helsinki are all grounds for giving out the grants.

The grants of the City of Helsinki were handed out to the following applicants:

Ph.D Tuomas Aivelo
Helsingin kaupunkirottien tautiekologia

Ph.D Matti Hannikainen
Suomalaisen kaupunkipolitiikan historia, 1917–1995

MA (Education) Anna-Leena Lastikka
Maahanmuuttajalasten ja -perheiden osallisuuden lisääminen suomalaisessa varhaiskasvatuksessa

MA Päivi Leinonen
Lähiömaiseman visuaalisuus kuvattuna ja koettuna

M.Soc.Sc Mia Niemi
Elder abuse embedded in intergenerational family relations

M.Soc.Sc Paula Paajanen
Pienten lasten äitien väliset suhteet ja identiteetti monikulttuurisilla asuinalueilla

L.Soc.Sc, MA (Education) Tarja Pelkonen
Perhehoitoon sijoitettujen lasten isät

Ph.D Mette Ranta
Social and emotional skills of children and youth in the Helsinki Capital Area: An OECD study

M.Soc.Sc, MA Laura Rapo
Asunnottomat nuoret toimijoina kaupunkiympäristössä

MSc Wang Yuan
A city-wide pattern of cultural ecosystem services of urban forests in Helsinki

Further information about the research grants:
Research Manager Katja Vilkama, tel. 09 310 78396, e-mail: katja.vilkama(at)