Temporary digital service point, photo: Marja Vaananen.

Temporary digital service point to be opened in Kallio

The City of Helsinki opens a temporary digital service point in the Kallio municipal office building to serve the city’s residents who don’t have their own computer or smartphone to use digital services. A similar service is in operation in Kontula, at the Kontupiste. There has been a growing need for another digital service point due to the coronavirus crisis which has caused many services to become available online only. Furthermore, the situation has caused the closing down of many service points that have been used previously. The Kallio digital service point is to open on Friday May 15.

Kallio digital service point is equipped with four computers that can be used to check emails, fill in digital forms, search information, use digital services and scan and print if need be. The time limit for using the computers is 30 minutes if there’s queue. There’s no need to book in advance and possible queuing will be organised respecting safety distances. The temporary digital service point will remain operational until the computers in libraries will be in use again.

The city’s digital team members and libraries’ staff provide assistance at the service point. There is a person offering digital support present at the Kontupiste as well.

All safety measures concerning disinfecting of hands and devices and safety distances have been considered both in Kallio and Kontula service points.

The Kallio digital service point is located at the Kallio municipal office building (Toinen Linja 4 A) and is open on weekdays from 10 am until 4 pm, starting May 15. The Kontupiste (Keinulaudankuja 4 B) serves on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. There is one computer in use at the Kontupiste.

In addition to digital service points, the city offers remote digital support. There are three ways to submit a request for remote digital support: