Tapulikaupunki sports hall granted a 1.5-million-euro loan

The Helsinki City Board has granted a 1.5-million-euro loan to Tapulin Liikuntakeskus Oy to finance a sports hall investment. The sports hall to be built in the Tapulikaupunki sports park in northeastern Helsinki will have two floorball fields, and the facilities can also be used for other sports and exercise including futsal, volleyball, gymnastics and dance. The City Board made the decision at its meeting of 11 May 2020. 

The hall is designed to have a café and other customer service facilities. The total floor space will be 3,890 square metres. Construction is scheduled to commence in September 2020, and the sports hall should be completed in May 2021. The total cost is estimated to be approximately 3.9 million euros. 

In addition to the loan from the City of Helsinki, Tapulin Liikuntakeskus Oy is applying to the Ministry of Education and Culture for a 750,000-euro investment subsidy and also finances the investment with a 1.2-million-euro bank loan and 400,000 euros of shareholders’ equity. 

The main users of the sports hall will be local sports societies, individuals and schools. 

New artificial turf for a football field in Tapulikaupunki 

The City Board approved an extension to a land lease agreement in Tapulikaupunki, as the football field company Mosan jalkapallokenttä Oy has sought to extend the current lease agreement in order to apply to the Regional State Administrative Agency for an investment subsidy for renovating a football field by replacing the artificial turf. The precondition for the subsidy is a land lease agreement for a minimum of 15 years. The new long-term lease agreement replaces the current agreement in force. 

A City of Helsinki subsidy of more than 54 million euros to be paid back 

The City Board decided to recover a subsidy granted by the City of Helsinki totalling about 54 million euros under an obligation by a European Commission decision and a law on the application of European Union regulations concerning some state subsidies. The subsidy and the interest on the subsidy amount will be claimed back primarily from the bus operation company Helsingin kaupungin Linja-autotoiminta Oy. The amount of the subsidy and interest on the subsidy that cannot be recovered from Helsingin kaupungin Linja-autotoiminta Oy will be claimed back from Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy.  

The arguments for the decision and the background to the decision can be found on the City Board meeting agenda (in Finnish). 

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