Illustration picture, kids in a daycare. Photo: Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki

Helsinki collects resident opinions on its services

The City of Helsinki participates in the national KAPA study on urban and municipal services. The study is implemented in each council office period and intends to examine residents’ level of satisfaction with the city’s services. This time, also questions related to the management of the coronavirus situation and to measures against climate change are included.

In October, a questionnaire will be sent to 4,000 randomly selected residents of Helsinki by mail, with questions regarding, for example, school services, social and health services, safety, and living and transportation conditions. Also included is a set of questions on the municipality’s actions against climate change.

This is the first extensive study on the services of the municipal field during the coronavirus epidemic. The study includes questions regarding the management of the coronavirus situation in the municipality and on the impacts of coronavirus on migration plans

The results functions as an evaluation of the success of the City council’s office period, which ends in the spring.

“Based on the results, the City of Helsinki and the new council to be elected next spring can steer their operations according residents’ needs. Therefore, we look forward to active participation from the recipients of the questionnaire,” says researcher Vesa Keskinen from the City of Helsinki Urban Research and Statistics Unit.

The KAPA study has been implemented from 1983 in each council office period. The latest one was done in 2016. This year, the number of questions in the Helsinki questionnaire has been limited in order to maximise the number of residents actually responding to the questionnaire.

The KAPA study is implemented by FCG, which is owned by the Association of Finnish Municipalities. This year’s study involves seven cities.

Questionnaires are mailed starting on the 12th of October. The questionnaire can also be filled in electronically.

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Urban Research and Statistics Unit

Photo: Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki