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Start of autumn term increases payroll contacts

Since the beginning of August, payroll errors of the City of Helsinki have been corrected more quickly on average than new salary errors have been recorded, although the situation is currently backlogged. This is due, for example, to the fact that the start of the autumn term also saw the start of many new employment relationships in the Education Division.

According to the latest payroll situation report, the number of unpaid or underpaid wages that remained uncorrected increased slightly from the previous week. On 15 September, the number of unpaid wages was 97 (84 on 8 September). Unpaid wages are generally paid in two business days. The number of other errors, such as those related to the holiday balance, decreased.

From 9 to 15 September, approximately 7,900 contacts were made to the payroll customer service, which was over one-third more than in the previous week. On 15 September, the customer service queue had approximately 6,600 contacts pending processing. Even before the introduction of the new payroll system, the payroll customer service was handling approximately 5,000 contacts per week. Not all contacts are about salary errors.

The slowdown in the pace of correction of salary errors and in the processing of contacts is currently influenced by the staffing situation of the payroll customer service: the employment relationships of summer employees have ended and the induction of new employees is underway. In addition, the payday in the middle of the month increased the number of contacts. Customer service staff will also be increased with the help of temporary agency workers.

The City of Helsinki introduced a new payroll system in April. According to current estimates, it will take the entire autumn to stabilise the payroll situation.