Pictured are Helsinki’s “Gal and Guy” for 2021, Hanna Nohynek and Eero Huovinen. Photo: Stadin Slangi ry

Stadin Friidu and Kundi Helsinki’s “Gal and Guy” 2021 are Hanna Nohynek and Eero Huovinen

Stadin Slangi ry, Finland's largest local heritage association, annually selects Stadin Friidu and Stadin Kundi (Helsinki’s Gal and Helsinki’s Guy). They're the greatest honours that a resident of Helsinki can receive. The event will be streamed live on 12 June at 12:00 via Stadin Slangi's Facebook channel.

Stadin Friidu (Helsinki’s Gal) 2021 is Hanna Nohynek, Chief Physician of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
This year's Gal has appeared in the public eye more than many wannabe stars striving for the limelight. Hanna Nohynek, Chief Physician at the Health Safety Department of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), has come into our living rooms this year to tell us via television about the coronavirus and vaccination situation- always calmly, matter-of-factly and without installing fear. The fact that she also suffered from COVID-19 in the early spring of 2020 certainly also brings a certain street credibility to Nohynek's speeches.

Nohynek (born 1958) is a native Helsinki resident, born in the heart of the city, in the old Kättäri hospital, at the corner of the Neitsytpolku and Tehtaankatu. But her scenery opened up all the way to Ruskeasuo during her studies. She studied medicine. Research on pneumonia vaccines in the Philippines helped prevent infant mortality.

Hanna Nohynek says that she was pleasantly surprised by her choice as Helsinki’s Gal. She says that he has a little idea of what it requires, and jokes whether interviews and coronavirus instructions should be given in slang from now on.

During her adolescence, her father, a PE teacher, gave her the enthusiasm to embrace old Sörkka slang. She considers Helsinki to be important, the beaches and the sea. Helsinki is a human-sized city, where it is easy to move from place to place.

The new Helsinki’s Gal enjoys keeping fit, spending time at her summer cottage, nature, participating in a girls' literary circle and she can relaxes and resets her mind by spending time with her grandchildren.

Stadin Kundi “Helsinki’s Guy” 2021 is Eero Huovinen, emeritus bishop of Helsinki

Eero Huovinen ( born 1944) was born in Helsinki. He was ordained as a priest in 1970. He worked at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki, received his doctorate in theology in 1978 and last served as professor of dogmatism and dean of the faculty. As Bishop of Helsinki, he had twenty years of influence between 1990 and 2010.

As a spiritual man, Huovisen's bubbly humour comes as a surprise to many people. Encounters with him exude warmth and wisdom. He is also interested in the thoughts, values and philosophy of life of others. When talking to him, you realize that roots in a cultural home do not force you to downplay the doctrines of the streets, the common tricks of groups or the playfulness of slang.

As an emeritus, he calls himself "sometimes just Huovinen”. He reads a lot and writes, often placing “being from Helsinki” first. As a native, he loves Helsinki: the centre that is accessible by foot, where he knows every building foundation and every street.

His latest book “Äitiä ikävä- Missing Mother” is like an autobiography of a little boy. Helsinki is beautiful. There is nothing bigger than the symbol of his future job: The Big Church, Cathedral. At that time, Eero would have liked to have been a relaxed Helsinki guy. "I didn’t have the power. Later on, I realised, that you are a bishop. The Bishop of Helsinki can’t be so Helsinki-centric”. The bloke who says, “I was born in Helsinki, and I hope I die here as well”, has earned his title of Helsinki’s Guy to the fullest.

This year we looked for “residents of Helsinki, not necessarily natives, relaxed, fair, preaching and traditional. A true Helsinki resident digs Helsinki slang, walks their own path and is, in a good way, a bit crazy".

Both award winners will be presented in more detail in the Helsinki Slangi magazine Tsilar 3/2021, which will be published on 24 June for midsummer.

One important tradition of Stadin Slangi ry for 26 years has been to choose Helsinki’s Gal and Guy. Anyone can make suggestions. The board of the association defines the selection criteria independently. This has led to a broad and diverse range of people being chosen over the years.

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