JVG – eternal vappu

A sneak peek into the backstage of JVG’s virtual May Day Eve concert

Rap artists JVG will star in Helsinki’s virtual Vappu at Home celebrations on May Day Eve. The free gig for the whole family brings everybody together as a community to celebrate the virtual Vappu at Home, when JVG together with an entire band are projected onto a virtual 3D model of the Senate Square.

The gig’s virtual live production is, even at a global scale, an example of cutting-edge technology. The physical Senate Square will be entirely empty on May Day Eve, but the band will perform live in front of a big green screen, set up in old industrial premises. The band will be surrounded by a virtual, computer-generated Senate Square, powered by the game engine Unreal Engine.

The viewers can join the live concert crowd through their avatars, or simply watch the live video. The most active avatars will become visible in the live broadcast, which the band follows throughout the gig.

The virtual reality production is a large one on the national scale, and the website www.burst.fi offers now a sneak peek into its backstage.

”Using virtual technology poses a challenge to creativity, because this production has to be thought rather as a cinematic computer game than a traditional concert recording. My tools are not just the stage itself but rather the whole virtual Senate Square,” describes Zoan’s Lauri Laukkanen, the director of the concert.

”A big difference to a traditional concert recording are the avatars, meaning the crowd can join the event. The gig flows to both directions, just like in real life. The gap between the artists and the crowd becomes smaller, and both can receive energy from another, as they do in normal settings.”

The concert can be experienced on Thursday, April 30, from 7pm to 8 pm, on either smart phones or computers. Viewers can follow the concert on the www.helsinkikanava.fi website, or interact with each other and the artists through their virtual avatars on the www.burst.fi website.

The concert has been made possible by Zoan, the City of Helsinki, Fullsteam Agency, OnePlus, Marli Juissi, Isey Skyr and PME Records.

The recording will be available for 48 hours after the gig.