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Helsinki–Tallinn twin city concept to strengthen with smart mobility solutions

To better serve the expanding traffic, five new smart mobility solutions are being tested at the downtown passenger terminals of the ports of Helsinki and Tallinn. The solutions are projected to smooth out traffic flows and to make the transit more dynamic and pleasant for travelers.

The Helsinki–Tallinn connection is a busy sea lane: ferries transport over 8 million passengers, close to 1.3 million cars, and 300,000 trucks between the cities – the capitals of Finland and Estonia – in a year. The numbers are on a steady rise.

The experiments and projected solutions support Helsinki’s Smart City development goals: Helsinki evolves toward a Smart City with new user-oriented digital services that ease the everyday lives of citizens and create new business.
The experiments are part of a FinEst Smart Mobility project begun in 2016.

One of the key approaches for Helsinki to evolve toward a Smart City is by publishing public sector data as open data to be freely used by anyone to develop new apps for digital services. Helsinki is one of the European leading cities in open data.

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