Pasila. Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Smart city developed through 5G and IoT at Mall of Tripla

The City of Helsinki and its business partners Mall of Tripla, Telia and YIT are trialling the use of 5G and NB-IoT networks in collecting data at Mall of Tripla from June to September. In the project, sensors are used to collect data of, among other things, the rushes and flows of people, the temperature, the humidity, the air quality and the number of bicycles and travel directions in the mall and its vicinity. The companies will be able to utilise the new learnings and experiences and scale the solutions and good practices to other environments.

An objective of the project is also to create new services and business operations that are based on the latest network technology. Helsinki’s leadership in commercial 5G services and networks offers an excellent stepping stone for innovations on the international market.

“The 5G trials in the vicinity of Mall of Tripla are an excellent example of how the city can work with its partners to create opportunities for innovative business activities”, rejoices City of Helsinki Director of Economic Development Marja-Leena Rinkineva.

The quickly expanding 5G networks are an essential part of the smart city of the future. As the networks are expanding, now is the right time to figure out their best uses by means of concrete joint development projects.

“Mall of Tripla is the centre of 5G Helsinki, thanks to the strong indoor coverage of our network and the city's fastest connections. It is thus quite relevant, that we are working with our partners to trial the services of the future and show the direction for a smart city right here in the blocks of our new headquarters”, says Janne Koistinen, Manager of the 5G programme at Telia Finland.

The project focuses on collecting experiences of how the smart city and smart mall can generate added value to each other and work as an experimental platform for innovations. Mall of Tripla and its surroundings offer a dynamic environment for this, where we can develop and introduce services that are beneficial to the mall and its customers. By combining different kinds of data sources, we can also increase the understanding of the other urban environment, which offers possibilities to develop new services.

“Managing the customer experience is extremely important at Mall of Tripla and we need data and new kinds of services to develop it. It is really interesting to be part of a new technology project, which combines data relating to people’s behaviour, smart properties and the urban environment. Mall of Tripla is a modern city centre and a pioneer in many sectors. It is thus really interesting to provide a platform for new services and business models”, tells Mall of Tripla CEO Kati Kivimäki.

YIT Head of Data and Analytics Mikko Kuusakoski is also expecting new learnings for the future from the project:

“Collecting practical 5G experiences with our partners will help us make the right decisions in our projects that are currently being planned. When YIT’s latest major projects are completed, the requirements in terms of activities and smart buildings based on 5G will be considerably higher than what they are now. This project supports our aim of being one step ahead in the future as well.”

The IoT solutions that produce open data for the trial period are delivered by Loopshore, MarshallAI, Nodeon, Wapice, Wizense and the University of Helsinki. The university maintains a platform to make the data available to the developers during and after the project. Various kinds of trials will be carried out in the future as well.