Safety Survey coming up again in Helsinki

Many surveys have shown that it has been safe to live and function in Helsinki. What do Helsinki residents think in 2018? It is time again for the Safety Survey. Since 2003 in Helsinki, 15-79 year olds have been asked, every third year, how they experience their own safety in the city. The surveys, the most recent of which in 2015, have shown that self-experienced security among residents has developed favourably in many respects.

Varied questions on self-experienced safety

The questions of the survey are about such things as whether respondents have been victims of crime or accidents, as also safety in your own neighbourhood, and the quality of the services of Police and the Rescue Department. Residents are also asked about safety-related matters that worry them and how they think security and liveability could be improved in the city.

Some new questions have been added concerning, for example, residents’ concern about extremist movements and fake news, security at public events, and traffic accidents. As similar surveys are conducted in Stockholm and Copenhagen, too, we can compare how people experience their own safety in two other Scandinavian capitals as well.

Large random sample

This is the sixth time the Safety Survey is conducted. The survey form is mailed to 7,800 random-sampled Helsinki residents. It is also possible to answer online and choose language between Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Russian and English.

The survey is conducted by the City of Helsinki and the Helsinki Police Department. The findings are used when planning the work of the city’s authorities and Police. Beginning in early 2019, findings will be published bit by bit in the Kvartti web journal. Later on there will also be a separate research report.

More about the survey:

Helsinki safety survey

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