Helsinki, Lammassaari

Respondents assess Helsinki: a functional place to live

In a survey in autumn 2019, the City of Helsinki asked residents what things in Helsinki work and what could be improved. Respondents of this Helsinki Barometer especially praised Helsinki for its safety and internationality and for developing favourably.

More safe and development-minded than creative and fun

Helsinki’s vision is to be the most functional city in the world and to offer the best possible conditions for good urban life. The Helsinki Barometer is one way for the city authorities to find out regularly how functional residents feel their city is. About four in five respondents thought that things work well or very well in Helsinki.

Respondents were also asked which properties – of a number of given alternatives – best described Helsinki. The properties most currently mentioned were “safe”, “developing in a positive direction”, “international”, “close to nature”, and “equal”. Adjectives less aptly describing Helsinki included “creative, innovative” and “fun”.

Reasonably ready to recommend Helsinki as a place to live

The respondents of the Helsinki Barometer could also express how likely they were to recommend Helsinki as a place of residence. A recommendation index was calculated for Helsinki on the basis of this question. The value of the index turned out to be 18, which can be considered reasonable. If the index value is above 20, it is regarded as a good result, and a value above 40 as excellent. It should be noted that the recommendation index value may be negative, too.

The Helsinki Barometer – a twice-a-year survey

Questions could be answered in Finnish, Swedish or English, and answers were collected by telephone interviews and an open web survey. A total of 1,060 phone interviews were made, and the web survey had 2,158 respondents.

The survey was conducted for the first time, and in future the intention is to repeat it twice a year. The answers will be used for assessing how the Helsinki City Strategy is followed and for developing the City.

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Photo: Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki