A map displaying new OmaStadi ideas by area, with the total number of ideas being 1,463.

Residents come up with lots of Omastadi ideas – sports and nature emerge as main subjects

The brainstorming phase of Helsinki’s participatory budgeting concept Omastadi ended at the end of October. In total, the residents submitted almost 1,500 ideas on city development.

Omastadi ideas were targeted at all Divisions of the City’s operations. The Urban Environment Division received ca. 700 ideas and the Culture and Leisure Division ca. 450 ideas. The Education Division and the Social Services and Health Care Division both received ca. 100 ideas. The City Executive Office in turn received 30 ideas.

Sports, nature subjects and deeds for the promotion of welfare

The most popular themes targeted by the ideas submitted by the residents were sports and outdoor recreation, parks and nature, built environment and communality. In terms of regional distribution, the most popular scope of the ideas was the whole of Helsinki. Among the ideas concerning the whole of Helsinki, the most popular themes were sports and outdoor recreation, communality, health and welfare, and ecology. 60 per cent of all the ideas related to health and welfare concerned the whole of Helsinki.

”I got my motivation to submit an idea on mental health support services upon learning about OmaStadi and about the ideas previously voted on. I submitted an idea on a matter which I find personally important and on which I’d like to see a bigger emphasis in Helsinki”, says Emilia Kettunen, who submitted an Omastadi idea for the first time.

Diagram: Number of ideas by subject

More than 300 outdoor sports-related ideas targeted at different parts of Helsinki were submitted. For example outdoor recreation devices, fitness stairs, sports fields and outdoor recreation routes were popular themes. In addition to outdoor recreation options, the diversity of nature was stressed in the ideas related to parks and green areas. Pollinator-friendly meadows and plantings were proposed for various areas of Helsinki.

The residents also submitted plenty of ideas related to the renovation of various objects and areas and to the increasing of comfort. Wishes and needs related to resident facilities and to neighbourhood and cultural events also encouraged the city’s residents to create ideas. All ideas are available for inspection on the Omastadi website.

What happens after the brainstorming phase?

The ideas submitted to the Omastadi.hel.fi website will be evaluated in November against the Omastadi criteria. The assessments of the ideas will be published along with their justifications on the Omastadi website in December.

After the evaluation, the co-development phase will be launched, allowing residents to develop ideas compliant with the Omastadi criteria further into actual proposals to be voted on. Ideas are passed on for voting only if a proposal is made of them on the omastadi.hel.fi website, or if they are attached to another proposal. The proposals are made jointly with the residents and the city’s experts at regional workshops and events and on the Omastadi website. Further information on the co-development phase can be found on the Omastadi website.

The shaping of ideas into proposals will be started in January and continued during the entire spring until the end of April. After the co-development, the city will calculate cost estimates for the proposals, and the residents will vote on the proposals in autumn 2021.

The schedule may change due to the prevailing pandemic. Any changes will be published on the omastadi.hel.fi service and the City of Helsinki website Hel.fi.

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