The Olympic Stadium’s rebuilt exterior makes extensive use of wood slat cladding.

Renovated Helsinki Olympic Stadium to be celebrated during opening weeks in August–September 2020

Helsinki will be captivated by tones of a great festival, when the Helsinki Olympic Stadium reopens in the autumn of 2020 after a lengthy period of renovation and modernization. The general public will be the first to learn about the rebuilt stadium’s treasures hidden so far behind the structures of the construction site.

The new era of the Olympic Stadium will be celebrated during the opening weeks in August–September 2020 with an extensive programme. The programme will include several free-of-charge open-house events. Visitors will have opportunities to test the new seats of the stadium and to sense the atmosphere of the new era. The gates to the stadium’s field will also be opened in September, and visitors will be invited to join physical activities on the field.

Furthermore, the opening weeks will invite the general public to acquaint themselves with the new Sports Museum of Finland. Completely rebuilt and modernized, the museum emphasizes emotions roused by sports and has a major focus on changing exhibitions. The first of the changing exhibitions will highlight the Olympic Stadium’s progress from the dreams of the 1920s to Helsinki’s grand year 1952 as the host of Summer Olympic Games, and further to the milestone of 2020 reached via diverse fine events and moments.

Admission to the Sports Museum is free of charge to every visitor under the age of 18. As before, there is a small fee to enter the Olympic Stadium Tower.

Opening weeks usher in major events at Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium will host the main events of the 2020 edition of the annual Helsinki Design Week. Helsinki Design Week gathers together diverse design teams representing multiple sectors of design. It puts on display some of the most exciting design from both Finland and the international scene. Helsinki Design Week 2020 will take place 10–13 September.

The opening weeks will also see the first of major concerts to be held at the renovated Olympic Stadium:

  • Stadionation Opening Show, 7 August 2020
  • Sunrise Avenue – Sunrise Avenue & Friends, 14 August 2020
  • Sunrise Avenue: Thank You For Everything – The Final Tour, 15 August 2020
  • Antti Tuisku – Bailantai, 21–22 August 2020 

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Photo: Mika Lappalainen