“Recruiting meetings give employers opportunities to interview a large number of jobseekers,” says enterprise coordinator Lasse Jekunen. Photo: Oksana Myroniak

Recruiting meetings and focused training for jobseekers

The City of Helsinki’s TYP Helsinki is a joint service for diverse fields of employment to promote employment. For 14 years, TYP Helsinki has served Helsinki jobseekers who have been unemployed for extended periods of time. The joint service, based in Alppila, will launch new types of focused services for customers during the autumn season 2018.

“Good examples of our new services include recruiting meetings customized for our jobseekers and new agile development projects,” says the director of TYP Helsinki Tanja Ståhlberg.

There is a great need for new solutions. According to new statistics from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, employment is developing positively in Helsinki but, at the same time, the number of people whose unemployment has lasted for more than five years is on the increase. Periods of unemployment are often repeated.

The autumn season’s first recruiting meeting – Rekrytreffit – will be held on 30 August in cooperation with the logistics company Barona Logistiikka. At this meeting focusing on warehouse logistics, the company staff will meet with jobseekers with long periods of unemployment. TYP Helsinki will hold focused recruiting meetings in other fields of employment suffering from worker shortages during the autumn season, such as construction, care and retail. According to enterprise coordinator Lasse Jekunen, the benefits of focused meetings are unquestionable.

“Recruiting meetings enable jobseeker customers to bypass the job application stage and to present their skills and motivation directly to potential employers. Employers can interview a large number of jobseekers during one meeting only, and some jobseekers can be employed during the same day,” Jekunen says.

“We have found recruiting meetings to be a good way to meet jobseekers and to hire new workers,” says Janne Bergqvist, the human resource director of Barona Logistiikka. “Currently we truly have a significant number of job openings in different areas, and the barrier to be employed in these jobs is low. A good attitude goes a long way, and we’re ready to train our workers as logistics professionals.”

TYP Helsinki currently has about 4,000 customers, whose backgrounds range from little education to doctoral degrees. More than 30 percent are foreign-born. The question how to advance the employment of foreign-born jobseekers is studied by several working groups. A key role in the development of services is played by cooperation with Helsinki Vocational College and Helsinki Skills Center. The Duunipolku Helsinki (job path Helsinki) project, which is a part of the 6Aika Six Cities Strategy, charts the wishes of employers and the skills of jobseekers in relation to workplace needs. It is important to support the workplace, job-seeking and digital skills of all jobseekers irrespective of their backgrounds, education and work history.

“The skills of jobseekers are enriched with such services as focused training, job application training and work tryouts. The vocational education reform makes it possible to transition from training to employment increasingly flexibly. For example, apprenticeship contracts can now be made for only short periods of time,” Ståhlberg emphasizes.

TYP Helsinki is meant for unemployed jobseekers aged 30 and over who have been unemployed for extended periods of time. The TYP Helsinki office provides services of the City of Helsinki, the Uusimaa TE office (employment office) and Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland). Assistance to jobseekers is provided by a group of experts that includes TE office experts, career counsellors, study advisors, social workers, work capacity advisors and occupational health nurses. Jobseekers can become customers with a referral from the TE office, Kela or the Social Services and Health Care Division. TYP Helsinki is a part of the employment and immigration unit of the Helsinki City Executive Office’s Economic Development division.

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