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Principles of Helsinki’s immigrant integration programme approved

The Helsinki City Board’s Economic Development Sub-committee approved the principles of the City of Helsinki’s immigrant integration programme at its meeting of 28 May 2018, in accordance with counter proposals made to the original proposal for the programme principles. The new principles will be in effect until 2021. The programme was prepared jointly by the immigration and employment unit of the Helsinki City Executive Office’s Economic Development division, the City of Helsinki divisions and City stakeholders.

The population growth of Helsinki, the projected increase in employment-aged residents in Helsinki and the dynamism of the whole city strongly rely on immigration. With view to these circumstances, the immigrant integration programme is built around the following four themes: Helsinki is a city for skilled workforce, the world’s most impactful place for learning, an open city that promotes public participation, and a city that counteracts differentiation among districts and population groups.

The goal of the programme is to allow all foreign-born Helsinki residents to find employment that meets their skills, level of education or training, and abilities. At the same time, the City of Helsinki sets an example as an employer in securing the availability of skilled workforce with the help of such means as a recruitment goal. Work-based immigration and its share of the total immigration will be increased with the help of high-level services and by other means.

The activities of the immigrant integration programme advance good relationships among different population groups and support equality. Differentiation among Helsinki districts and population groups will be curbed by targeting services to districts and population groups and by emphasizing actions that prevent social exclusion of young people.

The immigrant integration programme includes a development plan for the education of immigrants, ranging from early childhood education to adult education.

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