Photo: Lauri Rotko

Popular Oil Silo 468 open to the public event returns

The light artwork Oil Silo 468 in Kruunuvuorenranta opens its doors to the pubic during three weekends in the autumn. The artwork is a fixed light and landscape artwork. The remaining steel silo has been turned into a covered event venue. A total of 2012 perforations have been made in the steel shell of the silo, which makes it glow like a lantern when the LED lights go on and off. The rhythm of the lights is dictated by the speed of the wind. The light artwork lights up after sunset. During the early evening, the artwork glows in white and as evening turns into night, the light becomes red. The name Oil Silo 468 refers to the Kruunuvuorenranta area's period as an oil harbour, which lasted for almost 90 years. The artwork was designed by lighting designer Tapio Rosenius of the Lighting Design Collective. The artwork, which has won several lighting design awards, was realised as a World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project.

The oil silo is open in the autumn as follows:

22–23 September from 6 to 9 PM
29-30 September from 6 to 9 PM
6-7 October from 6 to 9 PM

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