The police.

Police to visibly monitor end-of-summer-term weekend

The police is conducting an intensive monitoring of the consumption of intoxicants by young people during the end-of-summer-term weekend. The surveillance will particularly focus on places where young people gather, such as beaches as well as kindergarten and school yards.

– The visible surveillance by the police prevents accidents and young people from becoming victims of crimes. On the end-of-summer-term evening, the police is operating in cooperation with the Helsinki City youth work and other voluntary youth work operators, says Katja Nissinen, Chief Inspector of the Helsinki Police Department.

A young person's possession of alcohol leads to a fine, and the matter is reported to the young person's guardians as well as to the child welfare services. Alcohol in possession of a minor is confiscated by the police and disposed of. In case the police finds alcohol in possession of children younger than 15 years or the children are intoxicated, they are handed over to the guardians or social service authorities.

– The use of intoxicants among young people while partying has decreased, and the way of celebrating has generally calmed down. That is why disturbances and overreactions have decreased over the past years, as well.

Still, the police wishes that the parents would agree on mutual rules with their children and teenagers before the evening. It is advisable that the parents are in contact with their children during the night, because the main responsibility for them lies with the parents.

The police urges children and young people to immediately ask for help if something bad happens during the celebrations. Help is available on the spot from the police and youth workers or by calling the general emergency number 112!
The Helsinki Police Department is informing about the surveillance of the end-of-summer-term weekend on Twitter: as well as on Instagram: Both accounts can be followed without registering to the services.

Photo: Helsinki Police