Tripla will open October 17th. Photo: Maikki Käyhkö.

Pasila station, Tripla shopping mall and Music Museum Fame opened

A milestone that deserves to be celebrated will be reached in October with respect to the Pasila construction project. Tripla shopping mall, the new railway station and the public transport terminal on Pasila bridge will be completed on 17 October and the new western additional track on 21 October. 

Ahead of the October opening of the Teollisuuskatu tunnel in central Pasila, the rescue services will conduct an exercise there on Tuesday 1 October and Thursday 3 October at 10:30 a.m.–1 p.m.

As the shopping mall opens, services for those who live in Pasila and for all Helsinkians will improve. Tripla is easily accessible by public transport. Furthermore, more and more people will have their jobs at Tripla. Music Museum Fame opens its doors to the public on 17 October, too.

The new Pasila station will open for passengers Thursday 17 October

The new Pasila station will open for passengers Thursday 17 October, simultaneously with Tripla shopping mall. For the passengers, it means changes in the station’s routes and better services. The new station is situated where the old Pasila station used to be, and the route to eastern Pasila, Ratapihantie and Pasila bridge is similar to the route as it was before the demolition of the old station in 2017.

The temporary Pasila station will remain in use all through Thursday 17 October, but operations there will discontinue on Thursday night. Thereafter, only the new Pasila station will be in use. The underpass north of the station will remain open just as it has been until now.

With the opening of the new railway station and the new public transport terminal, Pasila will turn into an increasingly important traffic node and the most important transit location for public transport. The growing passenger flows will be able to pass in a smoother manner, as it will be possible to transfer by foot to a tram or a bus straight from the train. In addition, buses 23, 50, 59, 500, 510, 506 and 518 will stop there.

The traffic changes will be complemented on Monday 21 October, as the routes of express bus lines 500 and 510 will be altered and as the terminal point of tramlines 2 and 7 will be relocated from western Pasila to Pasila station. Moreover, Pasila station will start using the new track number 11, where the P trains that run via Myyrmäki to the airport will stop, as will the A trains to Leppävaara.

As of 17 October, Veturitie will be the main passage for bikers going from north to south, and vice versa. As for bike parking, the situation will change drastically in the vicinity of the station, as Tripla has several parking lots for bikes, all in all for 3,400 bikes, both in heated spaces and in outside spaces.

In case you wish to familiarise yourself in detail with the changes that Pasila station entails for public transport, please visit the HSL website on

Map of Pasila station surroundings, where the buses and trams that run from the railway station, including their departure stops, have been marked as of the situation on 21 October 2019.

New Pasila station to open on 17 October

Towards the future

Although a milestone has been reached, construction and development will go on in Pasila for a long time even after the completion of the railway station, the public transport terminal and the shopping mall. To the north of Tripla, the construction of the Ratapihakorttelit (railway yard) city blocks and streets will proceed. In spite of the fact that part of Veturitie will be completed in October, its layout will be altered in coming years.

The construction of blocks of flats has also begun in a completely new residential area, that is to say, at Postipuisto in the northern parts of Pasila. Postipuisto will replace what used to be the ground transport terminal, next to Keskuspuisto (Central Park) and Ilmala railway yard. In 2019, the construction of totally six city blocks will commence. Simultaneously, the municipality will lay streets and other infrastructure in the area.

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