Helsinki’s new participation plan

The Helsinki City Board approved on 13 November the implementation of a participation plan for 2018­–2021 based on the City principles for participation and interaction. The City participation policies define the model for participation, participatory budgeting, resident and user juries, and online participation. The participation plan was prepared in cooperation with residents and various communities. 

In addition to resident participation, the City of Helsinki’s participation plan includes extensive participation of associations, the business community and other stakeholders, as well as interaction with them, in the various stages of planning and decision-making. 

The components of participation and interaction will include local participation and city guides, who can help residents to promote initiatives and development proposals in their role as the local persons in charge in participation activities. The role of corporate guides is to promote business activities in their areas. 

A budget allocated to participatory budgeting should be used locally or for city-wide projects. Proposals for participatory budgeting projects can be made and voted on by all Helsinki residents aged 12 (who turn 12 in the year of making or voting on a proposal) and older.  

The participation plan also includes a plan for the development of volunteer activities in the city. The City also seeks to promote participation by opening City-owned public spaces for resident and community activities more extensively than before. 

Lallukka artist home renovation supported with 4.5 million euros 

In its meeting of 13 November, the City Board approved a 4.5-million-euro grant for the renovation of the Juho and Maria Lallukka artist home, to be used to renovate the studio, work spaces and communal spaces. The Finnish Government has granted a similar sum for the project. 

The City Board also granted 7.7 million euros to be used by the Urban Environment Committee to develop the City Hall blocks. The grant will be used for the renovation of a property at Sofiankatu 4, for new signage and façade lighting in the Tori Quarters, and for alterations in ground-level commercial spaces in the Tori Quarters.