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Compiled information on participation in Helsinki can now be found online at

The new web service of the City of Helsinki offers interesting information on opportunities to participate and influence the City’s operations.
The method library contains methods, instructions and good practices related to participation in a clear and interesting form for everyone interested in the promotion of participation.

“The residents are interested to know how and when they can participate in the development of their city, and now this information has been compiled. The City’s employees, in turn, want to know about existing methods and tools and their applicability in specific situations. Participation in Helsinki is an object of international interest. The website also contains a lot of material and stories of participation in English,” says interaction head Heli Rantanen from the Participation and Citizen Information Unit.

The website also contains news highlights about the ways of participation, feeds from the KerroKantasi service and LinkedEvents as well as links to the Event Calendar and several electronic channels of the City through which the residents can participate and receive more information.

“A coherent website makes it easier to find information and understand the broad concept of participation. Especially information on digital participation is crucial in these exceptional times,” says Head of the Participation and Citizen Information Unit Johanna Seppälä.

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Foto: Kimmo Brandt, City of Helsinki Media Bank.