Otso Kivekäs re-elected as City Council Chair

Otso Kivekäs (Greens) continues to chair the Helsinki City Council. Harry Bogomoloff (National Coalition Party) continues as First Vice-Chair, and Paavo Arhinmäki (Left Alliance) was elected as Second Vice-Chair. The City Council Chairs were re-elected and elected at the Council meeting of 5 June. 

The City Council elected the following persons as City Board members for the next two-year term to complement Mayors Jan Vapaavuori (National Coalition Party), Pia Pakarinen (National Coalition Party), Anni Sinnemäki (Greens), Nasima Razmyar (Social Democratic Party) and Sanna Vesikansa (Greens): Daniel SazonovWille Rydman and Terhi Koulumies of the National Coalition Party; Kaisa Hernberg and Ozan Yanar of the Greens; Tomi Sevander of the Social Democratic Party; Veronika Honkasalo and Anna Vuorjoki of the Left Alliance;  Mika Raatikainen of the Finns Party; and Marcus Rantala of the Swedish People’s Party. 

The City Board is chaired by Mayor Jan Vapaavuori, First Vice-Chair is Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki and Second Vice-Chair is Tomi Sevander. The City Board alternate members and the members of the City Board sub-committees can be found on the meeting release (in Finnish). 

Environmental Report outlines the City’s diverse environmental activities

At its meeting of 5 June, the City Council discussed the City’s environmental activities and the implementation of the Helsinki City Strategy in connection with the consideration of the newly released edition of the annual City of Helsinki Environmental Report. 

“Helsinki is making good progress, as greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 27 percent from 1990 and emissions per capita by as much as 45 percent. Helsinki’s goal is to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent from 1990 to 2020 and by 60 percent from 1990 to 2030, and Helsinki seeks to become carbon neutral by 2035. These goals are ambitious, but they can be achieved,” states Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki. 

The City’s total environmental expenses for 2018 were EUR 91 million. The biggest expenses were caused by air protection (33 percent), area maintenance and waste management (23 percent) and promotion of climate- and environment-friendly mobility (18 percent). 

Environmental investments totalled EUR 135 million, which represents 21.5 percent of all investments in fixed assets. 

The Environmental Report is a joint report for the whole City Group. It details the City’s achievement of its environmental goals and the impact of operations on the environment. It is also a monitoring report on the City’s environmental policies, assessing the achievement of the goals defined in the Helsinki City Strategy. The report, totalling 72 pages, outlines the City’s operations and achievements in air protection, in transport and traffic and in water protection, among other areas of operation. 

A proposal by Councillor Sirpa Asko-Seljavaara was approved in connection with the consideration of the Environmental Report to the effect that the City should investigate how to avoid dumping snow from snow removal operations into the sea as early as next winter. The City Council also approved a proposal by Atte Kaleva to the effect that the City should pay special attention to the protection of diverse biotopes maintained by the grassland network and grasslands. 

All City Council decisions of the meeting of 5 June 2019 are listed on the meeting release (in Finnish).

The City Council voting maps and other information on the Council meeting, as well as a video recording of the Council meeting, are available on the City’s web channel at www.helsinkikanava.fi 

Environmental Report 2018 (in Finnish)