Oil Silo 468

Silo sings in Kruunuvuorenranta – this year’s open door events at Oil Silo 468 to be replaced with a new sound and light installation

In recent autumn seasons, open door events have been held at the award-winning light installation Oil Silo 468 during three weekends to provide the public with the opportunity to enter the silo and enjoy the piece. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, this year’s events will be replaced with an installation that can be enjoyed outside the silo.

The light and sound installation ‘Krono – Echo of Light’ (Krono – valon kaiku) will be set up in Oil Silo 468 in Kruunuvuorenranta for ten days, 2.–11.10.2020. The audio elements of the piece will be played daily from 10:00 to 22:00. The lights of the installation will come on in the evenings as the sun sets and dusk falls over the city.

Krono was inspired by the history, present and future of the Kruunuvuori district and Helsinki itself.

The name is a reference to time and the multiplicity of its meaning. Time can be experienced on a personal level and measured. Moreover, sounds guide the experience of time.

The soundscape of the piece features a metallic instrument named the cupola, which has a convex shape resembling the roof of the silo. The installation combines the current and temporary light illuminating the silo. The light inside the silo is indirect – an echo of light, if you will.

The soundscape of the piece was designed by Aki Päivärinne, with Lauri Wuolio performing the sections played on the cupola. The light arrangements were created by Jari Vuorinen, and the piece was curated by Ilkka Paloniemi.

Oil Silo 468 and other light art in Kruunuvuorenranta

During Helsinki’s year as the World Design Capital, a permanent light installation, Oil Silo 468, was created in one of the last remaining oil silos in the Laajasalo Oil Harbour. The piece has won numerous international awards.

A new residential area is being constructed in the Kruunuvuorenranta district of Helsinki, and public art – light art in particular – plays an important role in its design and implementation. This means that those visiting the oil silo will also have the opportunity to experience the district’s other pieces of light art.

More information on the Krono installation, directions and a map of the Kruunuvuorenranta light art installations can be found at: uuttahelsinkia.fi/en/silosings

Krono – Echo of Light
Oil Silo 468, 2.–11.10. at 10:00–22:00

Aki Päivärinne – sound
Jari Vuorinen – light
Lauri Wuolio – cupola
Ilkka Paloniemi – curation

Published 21 September and updated 2 and 9 October.