New logo of the City of Helsinki.

Helsinki reformed

The City of Helsinki’s leadership and the entire City administration have undergone a thorough reorganization, which goes into effect on 1 June. This is the largest reorganization in the City administration in decades.

The reform has a small immediate impact on citizens. City services will be operating as before, despite major changes in the providing organization. One of the long-term goals of the reform is to provide services increasingly smoothly and efficiently as well as in a customer-oriented manner.

Simultaneously with the organizational reform, the City has adopted a new political governance system, which includes the offices of the Mayor and four Deputy Mayors. The goal of the new governance system is to strengthen democracy.

Tens of City departments combined into four sectors 

The City also shifts to a new sector-based organization as of the beginning of June, meaning that the operations of the City’s 31 departments and the City’s municipal enterprises are transferred to four sectors. From here on, these sectors are responsible for the City services provision. 

City leaders elected 

Helsinki’s new City Council elected in April will convene for the first time on 7 June in a meeting that starts at 18:00, to elect the new City leaders. The Council will first elect the Chair and two Vice Chairs from among its members. The Green League has announced that their candidate for Council Chair is Tuuli Kousa. The National Coalition Party’s candidate for First Vice Chair is Harry Bogomoloff, and the Social Democratic Party’s candidate for Second Vice Chair is Pentti Arajärvi.

The National Coalition Party has secured the Mayor’s office, which will go to Jan Vapaavuori, as well as the office of the Deputy Mayor for education, which will go to the National Coalition Party candidate Pia Pakarinen. The Green League has secured the offices of the Deputy Mayors for city environment and for social services and health care. The candidate for the former of these two offices is Anni Sinnemäki; the candidate for the latter office is Sanna Vesikansa. The office of the Deputy Mayor for culture and leisure goes to the Social Democratic Party, whose candidate for the position is Nasima Razmyar. The City Council will also elect the members of sector committees, committee divisions and committee boards. Sector committees will be chaired by Deputy Mayors.

The decision-making system in accordance with the new organization as well as the webpages of the new sectors have been published on the City website. Page contents will continue to be updated.

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