City of Helsinki employment service unveils new gateway to seasonal work

Hundreds of seasonal workers are needed on Uusimaa-region farms this summer to harvest berry, vegetable and other agricultural crops.

A new seasonal work employment service has been launched on the City of Helsinki’s website at to match jobseekers with agricultural work. The service can be accessed by calling tel. 09 310 28729 between 9 am and 12 pm. Questions about the seasonal work arrangements can also be sent via email to

“The City of Helsinki seeks to both promote Helsinki residents’ employment and help industries with labour shortages to find employees. Informing the public about seasonal work openings and guiding jobseekers in that direction is part of this mission,” says Martti Poteri, a service manager in the city’s labour force and migration unit.

The new service tells Helsinki residents showing interest in harvest work about job opportunities in the Uusimaa region, in addition to offering general tips for finding and starting in new jobs. The city also provides jobseekers and employers with information on the city’s various support programmes for promoting employment, such as the Helsinki benefit, a subsidy offered to companies that hire an unemployed Helsinki resident. The job itself does not need to be in the city of Helsinki to qualify for the subsidy payment.

The seasonal work on offer would take place between the months of June and August 2020. Workplaces and the work responsibilities would all conform to the necessary covid-19-related safety precautions.

The City of Helsinki service is part of a joint venture of Finland’s ministries, TE Services employment offices, the Labour Mobility in Europe initiative, and Töitä, a service from Finland’s leading agricultural interest groups that helps connect rural employers and employees. Learn more at .