A rendering of the future Hakaniemenranta

New detailed plan approved for Hakaniemenranta

The Helsinki City Council approved the proposed detailed plan and detailed plan alteration for Hakaniemenranta at its meeting of 8 April 2020. In addition, the City Council approved alterations to the detailed plans of the Kamppi Chapel of Silence and the Puotila shopping centre. The City Council meeting was held as a virtual meeting for the first time in the Council history, and about 50 councillors attended the meeting through virtual means.

The Hakaniemenranta detailed plan alteration relates to areas in Hakaniemenranta and Siltavuorenranta; to street, park and water areas in the city districts of Sörnäinen, Kallio and Kruununhaka; and to the block of the Finnish National Agency for Education in Hakaniemi.

The new detailed plan makes it possible to implement the Kruunusillat light rail connection from Kalasatama via Hakaniemi towards the city centre and the revised routing of the new Hakaniemi bridge (Hakaniemensilta). Furthermore, the area will be developed with new public waterfront parks, two marinas and infill construction. The number of residents in the area will grow by about 1,250.

The goal of the area planning is to create new high-quality and versatile public space at the sea in the Hakaniemi neighbourhood. 

Kamppi Chapel of Silence to have more space for customers 

The alteration to the detailed plan of the Kamppi Chapel of Silence approved by the City Council enables an expansion of the customer space of the chapel. The plan alteration relates to the base of the chapel, which can be expanded with 70 square metres of new floor area. The wooden chapel building will remain unchanged.  

The Chapel of Silence, completed in 2012, today plays an important role in the Church social work in the Helsinki city centre. The expansion of the customer space will improve the chapel’s capacity to receive customers and to hold events. The detailed plan solution supports the achievement of the City’s strategic goals by boosting the dynamism of the city centre and by helping to prevent the emergence of segregation, as the conditions for social services produced by the Church improve. 

A new commercial complex and housing at the Puotila shopping centre 

The alteration to the detailed plan of the Puotila shopping centre approved by the City Council enables the current buildings of the Puotila shopping centre to be replaced with a new commercial complex and adjacent housing. The current one-floor shopping centre building, assessed to have cultural and historical value, will be replaced with 6- to -8-storey new construction.  

The plan also enables an expansion of an adjacent two-storey parking facility. The detailed plan solution is accompanied by a new transport and traffic plan, which boosts and modernizes conditions and arrangements for cycling and pedestrians.  

The goal is to retain the shopping centre site and the vicinity as a commercial site and an urban neighbourhood hub even after the demolition of the current buildings. 

The City Council to make a decision on the Hernesaari detailed plan at the Council meeting of 22 April 

The agenda of the 8 April City Council meeting included a proposal for the Hernesaari detailed plan and detailed plan alteration. This proposal will be considered at the next City Council meeting to be held on 22 April. The decision on the postponement of the consideration was made by the City Board at its meeting of Monday, 6 April. 

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