Coronavirus infections extend to every part of Helsinki, in different residential areas.

New coronavirus statistics published for Helsinki, infection rate remains moderate

According to the latest data from 6 May, the number of covid-19 infections detected in Helsinki has remained relatively small in proportion to the population, with roughly three cases for every 1,000 inhabitants. The latest figures indicate that 2,127 Helsinki residents have fallen ill with coronavirus, leading to 132 fatalities, of which 80 involved customers of care services.

Coronavirus infections extend to every part of Helsinki, in different residential areas. In many districts, contagion percentages have stayed very low. The number of infections in certain areas can be influenced, for example, by the location of an assisted living facility for the elderly with a high number of infections.

The regional statistics includes all lab-confirmed cases of infection to date, including those cases in which the patients have already recovered. Most of the Helsinki residents who have contracted the covid-19 coronavirus have recovered.

The latest figures also reveal that Helsinki residents throughout the city are good about attending testing. The level of new infections among the city’s minority communities has also steadied, and the measures taken to limit the further spread of the infections seem to have had the desired effect.

The City of Helsinki publishes a coronavirus situation update on its website every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm. The update contains data on the total number of infections and deaths in the capital. Every two weeks, the city also publishes information on infection rates in different areas of Helsinki, according to their respective postal codes.

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