Otso Kivekäs.

New City Council Chair is Otso Kivekäs

The Helsinki City Council elected Otso Kivekäs as Council Chair at the City Council meeting of 16 January 2019. Kivekäs has chaired the City Council group of the Greens political party since 2015. 

Prior to his current position as City Council Chair, Kivekäs has served the City of Helsinki in several other elected positions: Vice Chair of City Board (2015–), Chair of the City Board’s Information Technology Sub-committee (2013–2017), Chair of the Executive Board of Helsinki City Transport HKL (2013–2014) and a member of the Public Works Committee (2011–2012).  

Kivekäs, aged 39, is employed as Chief Digital Officer and business development manager at a Finnish corporation. 

Tuuli Kousa, the previous City Council Chair, announced in the autumn of 2018 that she would be stepping down as City Council Chair. 

Bogomoloff and Arajärvi continue as Vice Chairs 

The City Council also elected the Council’s two Vice Chairs at the meeting. Harry Bogomoloff (National Coalition Party) was re-elected as First Vice Chair and Pentti Arajärvi (Social Democratic Party) was re-elected as Second Vice Chair. 

The term in office of the current City Council Chairs will end with the election of new City Council Chairs in June 2019. Because of an alteration to the City of Helsinki rules of governance, as of 2019 the City Council will elect new Council Chairs for a yearlong term in office at the first Council meeting in June of each year. 

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