Helsinki City Hall on Independence Day Celebration.

Multicultural Independence Day Celebration will be broadcasted through Helsinki-kanava

Multicultural Independence Day celebration with all speeches and performances will be broadcasted through Helsinki-kanava on 6th December at 1 pm.

Keynote speakers are coming from the Government and the Parliament. They will deliver encouraging messages. Also, there will be five spectacular performances representing diverse cultures coexisting in Finland.

Hosts are  Heidi Alander (Suomi uutena kotimaana ry) and Josephine Atanga (Women Designed for Success ry).

Keynote Speakers are Hussein al-Taee (Congressman), Peter Kariuki (Secretary General of ETNO from Ministry of Justice), Sanna Vesikansa (Helsinki Deputy Mayor for Social Services and Health Care), Ilari Rantakari (Emeritus Ambassador), Emma Tamankag (Chairperson of Moniheli ry)

Performers are Satutin & Lasse Jaako, Sibiry Konate & Unelma työryhmä, Haneen Kuoro, Askelten Palo ry, Selene Gama & Sambaki:

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Moniheli: Multicultural Independence Day Celebration

Photo: Sofie Jokinen