A boy with a face mask.

Mask recommendation expands to upper secondary schools in the capital city area

In response to an acceleration in coronavirus cases, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has issued an update that broadly expands the official mask recommendation to public spaces, including general upper secondary schools and vocational education.

The capital city area of Finland is experiencing an acceleration phase, which the THL has judged sufficient to recommend the use of face masks in upper secondary schools whenever close contact cannot be avoided. Students are encouraged to take the expanded mask recommendation seriously and start wearing masks unless they have a specific medical condition that prohibits them from doing so. The recommendation officially takes effect on 1 October 2020, but residents are encouraged to start using the masks immediately.

Complying with the mask recommendation can prevent stricter measures like opening hour restrictions or a transfer to distance learning.

Free masks available for students in need

Residents and students are in principle responsible for buying and using their own masks. However, people in need, students included, can pick up face masks free of charge at one of several distribution points arranged by the municipalities.

Employers will provide teachers and other staff of municipal learning institutions with masks at no cost.

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