Markus Küh. (Photo: Sakari Röyskö)

Markus Kühn appointed as Helsinki Strategy Director

M.Sc. Economics Markus Kühn has been chosen to head the City of Helsinki’s new Strategy organisation. There were 113 applicants to the job.

The Strategy Director heads the Strategy branch, which was founded at the City Executive Office at the beginning of 2020, and whose most important task is to bring together digitalisation and ICT, research and analysis as well as international relations and development.

The Helsinki City Strategy answers many of the essential questions of our time. However, a successful implementation of the strategy requires changes in the skills and operating culture of the City organisation, where the significance of co-operation and the conceptualisation of larger entities are emphasised.

“The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The most essential global forces of change – urbanisation, climate change and digitalisation – create a new kind of operating environment and affect the lives of the people in an irreversible way. At the same time, more responsibilities and power are invested in the cities, which means that the continuous development of the competence is necessary. Helsinki is clearly a forerunner in doing this”, says Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

As pragmatic, practical and human-centred actors, the Cities possess the best prerequisites for turning the forces of change into possibilities. Still, many cities of the world strive to solve these challenges through individual projects or in silos. However, long-term accomplishments can only be achieved through a comprehensive vision and leadership.

The aim of the strategy initiative is an increasingly efficient implementation of the City strategy and its key projects in co-operation across the division borders.

“By investing in the strategy work, we are creating services that meet the needs of the City’s growth, sustainability, as well as the diversifying needs of the citizens in an even better way. Helsinki has an ambitious and inspiring strategy. The implementation of the strategy can be sped up by doing things together and by open-mindedly utilising data and technology", says Markus Kühn.

Comprising around 130 employees, the strategy branch reports directly to the top management while collaborating closely with all City divisions.

The exact date when the Strategy Director assumes his position will be announced later.

Markus Kühn has previously worked, for example, as Vice President of Group Strategy at Posti, as Managing Consultant at Deliotte and Capgemini Consulting and as Country Manager at Plandent of the Planmeca Group.