Images: Kimmo Brandt.

Make a difference by voting in OmaStadi

In October, the people of Helsinki vote and choose the OmaStadi ideas that the City will implement. The voting has started off well, with more than 40,000 users signing on to the OmaStadi service. Helsinki uses 4.4 million euros annually for city development based on participatory budgeting.

The voting takes place in the service, where you are required to provide digital authentication by means of mobile ID or banking codes.

All residents of Helsinki who this year have turned 12 or are older may vote for the plans. The voter can choose among the plans in one major district and the plans on the city level. Votes can be given to as many plans as the allocation reserved for the area allows. Voting is encouraged, as the plans with the most votes will be carried out.

Young people in Helsinki vote both on the participatory budget and on the RuutiBudget in the service. The voting happens with personal Wilma codes.

If mobile ID or banking codes are not available, then it is possible to vote by showing an ID at the City’s different service points, such as in some libraries and community centres.  At Helsinki central library Oodi, there is a OmaStadi polling station, where it is possible to vote with an ID during the opening times of the library.

The OmaStadi voting period is 1–31 October 2019.


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