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Maija Vilkkumaa as Stadin Friidu and Jörn Donner as Stadin Kundi

Maija Vilkkumaa named Stadin Friidu, and Jörn Donner as Stadin Kundi of 2018

The Stadin Slangi association has chosen Maija Vilkkumaa as Stadin Friidu and Jörn Donner as Stadin Kundi of 2018. The selections were announced at 12 noon on the Espa stage on Helsinki Day, 12 June 2018.

Stadin Friidu

Maija Johanna Vilkkumaa (age 44) is a Helsinki-based singer-songwriter. She is one of the best-selling musicians in Finland. Vilkkumaa has released seven studio albums, one compilation album and one live album. Nearly all of her studio albums have sold gold, and altogether over 300,000 copies of her albums have been sold in Finland.

Vilkkumaa, who studied Finnish language at the University of Helsinki, started her career in the band Tarharyhmä, established in 1990. However, she created her main career as a solo artist after Tarharyhmä split up in 1995. During her career, Vilkkumaa has received several awards, such as the Teosto Prize in 2003 and the Juha Vainio Award in 2010.

In 2013, Maija Vilkkumaa published her first novel, Nainen katolla.

Stadin Kundi

Jörn Johan Donner (age 85) is a Helsinki-based writer, film director and former MP, as well as a former diplomat and member of the European Parliament.

Jörn Donner has written more than 60 books. He published his first book at the age of just 18, directed his first short film at 21, founded the Finnish Film Archive at 24, became a film critic for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the largest daily newspaper in the Nordic countries, at 27, and received an award for the best first work at the Venice International Film Festival at 30. He is the only Finn to have collected an Academy Award. He received the Finlandia Prize in 1985 for his book Isä ja poika.

The President of Finland granted Donner the title of professor in 2003.

Stadin Slangi ry is Finland's biggest local heritage association, whose important tradition for over 20 years has been to name the Stadin Kundi and Stadin Friidu of the year. Anyone can suggest candidates. The board of the association defines the selection criteria independently. This has led to the range of people chosen over the years being broad and diverse. Examples of these are the first Kundi and Friidu, Kari Rahkamo and Eva-Riitta Siitonen, or last year's familiar names Pirkko Saisio and Reiska Laine.