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Join Helsinki Challenge Pitch Nights!

We must solve the world’s enormous problems now. Luckily, science can do it.

To solve grand challenges we need multidisciplinary approaches, broad-minded thinking and bold boundary crossings. The science based competition and idea accelerator, Helsinki Challenge, is a platform for collaboration: science and arts communities, business, decision makers, public sector and other actors of the society – we all need to join the movement to make the goals for sustainable development reality. Through the Helsinki Challenge collaboration we can create solutions to grand challenges and for the future well-being – together!

In Helsinki Challenge teams will tackle the UN’s sustainable development goals, which aim at making the world a better place.

Join us at Helsinki Challenge Pitch Night on 22 & 23 February at 18.00 at University of Helsinki's Great Hall (Aleksanterinkatu 5) and meet 20 inspiring semifinalist teams for the first time. Elisabeth Rehn will open the event on Wednesday and Pekka Haavisto on Thursday. The event is free.

Be part of the solution and register for the event: