JVG in the Virtual Helsinki. Photo: Zoan Oy.

International recognition for Helsinki’s Vappu at home event

Helsinki’s ”The Vappu at home of all time” has won the renowned City Nation Place Global competition. In the evening of 12.11.2020, Helsinki took the win in the ”Best Citizen Engagement” category and was praised for the extensive engagement of citizens into the exceptional celebrations of 1st of May. The virtual gig of the band JVG, which was held in the framework of the Vappu at Home event, attracted a peak audience of 1.4 million Finns.

The jury was impressed by Helsinki’s ability to react in an unforeseen way to the challenge posed by the coronavirus epidemic: together with a broad partner network, the city created a safe but fun mass event.

The communications and marketing of the Vappu at Home event reached a wide audience within only a few weeks: about one quarter of all Finns participated in the virtual program, and 500 million people worldwide heard of the program through the news. Among others, The Guardian and Forbes reported about the virtual celebration of 1st of May and Helsinki’s pioneer role in the creation of virtual events. JVG’s gig was produced in cooperation with Zoan Oy, with Miltton Oy as the marketing communications partner.

Helsinki’s aim was to encourage residents to stay home on the 1st of May to prevent the spread of the pandemic - while creating an interesting Vappu event. In addition to offering an extensive cultural menu, the city supported Helsinki’s companies by marketing pick-up food for the event.

The different Vappu event was built in close cooperation with the Police and other operators. The residents adopted the Vappu at Home event to the extent that the parks and streets of the city remained practically empty.

City Nation Place Global is an annual conference for nation and city branding professionals. This year’s competition was particularly fierce, as the COVID 19 pandemic has triggered a record number of empowering brand deeds and campaigns among nations and cities.

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